Ultima   online      Madness

H o s t  :

E5-2630L Hex Core 2.00 GHz 15 MB Cache (dedicated server).

* 16 gb RAM.

* Raid 1: 2 x SAS 600 GB

* Location : New York.

* Traffic : Unmetered Bandwidth.

* Port : 300mb/s.

G a m e p l a y    f e a t u r e s  :

* Accounts per IP : 1.

* 5 characters per account.

* Statcap : 300.

* Skillcap : No skillcap.

* Only elves and humans.

* Easy start,training zone and new players champion.

* Level system : You can level up your toon up to level 150.At level 100 you gain an extra pet slot,at level 150 you gain the last extra pet slot.

* Every level you will receive 5 skillpoints to spend as you want.You can also train skills as standard method.

* Custom drops from any creature : You can obtain certain "mini-artifacts" doing PVM on any facet,or just killing any creature.

* Evolution creatures : On UO Madness we got evolution pets,for now they are : Dragon, slasher, spider and lich steed.

* Squires : You can obtain a squire to equip him and fight around the world. This squire is a drop from a "world boss" named Mysterious.

* PK's (player killers) are allowed to go around all the world,including Malas and Trammel.

* No Imbuing, in UO Madness you can use runecraft to enhance your items.

* Standard pet training system.

Levelable weapons.(Only can level exceptional/crafted weapons,deed can be dropped from champions).

* Automated invassion system every 24h.

* Token system.

* Sovereigns added as generic loot with luck required.This coin is the real UO store,so you can buy these items ingame just doing PVM.

* Max power scroll value is 150.

* PVP tournament system on all arenas.