Ultima   online      Madness

S t a r t   G u i d e

When creating a new character in UOMadness, you will receive an EVO dragon egg, an everlasting bandage, and 20k gold.  There will also be a “Starter Gear Stone” in the "newbie dungeon"  where players receive blessed LRC gear. This gear has 85% LRC, but it is not hard to make up the last 15% with jewels.
These can be used to train the skills you need to simply start, or you can use them to train the harder skills such as taming, inscription, tailoring, etc.  It is also important to note that UOMadness uses a level system for characters where you gain exp from killing monsters throughout the world.  Upon gaining a level, you will gain 5 skill points which you can allocate to any skill by using the [level menu. This means by level 150, you will have an additional 750 skill points to use however you see fit! Skills can go up to a max of 150 here by purchasing a special powerscroll using tokens later in the game!

Training Room

The training room gate is located near the Luna Stables.  Within you will find a table with training gear, as well as training elementals to attack.  These elementals do a bit of damage, so be careful! It is a good place to train your healing, or have a pet attack and train vet!  There is also a table for training lockpicking.  One last feature of the training room is the corpse summoner, who you can pay to retrieve your corpse from anywhere in the world. 
There is a dungeon around the training room full of zombies and ratmen.  I recommend killing the zombies for a “Hooded Zombie Shroud”.  Besides looking really cool, it also has the 15% LRC you need!  The ratmen drop +100 valor scrolls.

My First Cu

There are also cu sidhes here which require 0 taming and rideable by both elves and humans.  If you prefer this pet, you may tame one at the farm located West of Spirituality moongate.  Just follow the side of the mountain until you reach the farm!

Noob Champ

In Luna by the stables there is also a gate to our custom noob champion spawn.   This is easily doable with one or two players, but a tank pet is recommended for the boss.  The rewards for killing the champion are random – it can be a power scroll, a radiant scimitar, shield, or robe.  All of these are great starter gear options and the exp gained from the spawn should level you up a few times per run!

Thanks to PICACHO !